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Principles of Finance

This note provides an introduction to finance as a discipline, as well as the functions or duties of a financial manager in a business organization. Topics covered include: Relationship between Finance and overall Operations of an Organization, Sources of Finance: Short-term sources and Long-term sources, Sources and Application of Funds, Management of Financial Resources, Working Capital Management, Share Valuation, Capital Formation and Types of Capital, Financial Decision and Liquidity, Present Value of Money and Compounding Techniques, Applications of Present Value and Compounding Techniques, Financial Planning and Control, Profit Planning and Control, Dividend Policy, Leasing and Venture Capital, Types of Bank Credit and their Significance, Capital and Money Markets, Credit Creation, Credit and Credit Instruments.

Author(s): National Open University Of Nigeria

Principles of Marketing

The purpose of this book is to treat of the nature of the marketing process, viewing the market structure as a whole and analyzing marketing problems and the devices used in solving them. In doing this author tried to discuss the most fundamental of the problems and principles involved.

Author(s): Fred Emerson Clark

Production Management

This note explains the following topics: Role and Scope of Production Management, Concept of Production Management, Types of Production Systems and Plant Location, Plant Layout, Production Planning and Control, Production Process Analysis, Demand Forecasting, Productivity, Time and Motion Study, Quality Control.

Author(s): Directorate of Distance Education, Guru Jambheshwar University, Hisar

Productivity, Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management

This book is published before 1923 and is written by Thomas A Barocci and Kirsten R Wever.

Author(s): Thomas A Barocci and Kirsten R Wever

Project Management

This book describes the following topics: Project Management: Past and Present, The Project Life Cycle, Framework for Project Management, Stakeholder Management, Culture and Project Management, Project Initiation, Scope Planning, Project Schedule Planning, Budget Planning, Procurement Management, Quality Planning, Communication Planning, Risk Management Planning , Project Completion.

Author(s): The Open University of Hong Kong

Project Management for Instructional Designers

The book is well-designed for the intended audience of instructional designers. Topics covered includes: Introduction to Project Management, Project Profiling, Project Phases and Organization, Understanding and Meeting Client Expectations, Working with People on Projects, Communication Technologies, Starting a Project, Project Time Management, Managing Project Quality, Managing Project Risk .

Author(s): Geri Clements, Jeffery Drysdale, Jenifer Francis, Buck Harrison, Joseph Rino, Jared Robinson and Aaron Snyder

Project Planning, Analysis and Management

This book covers the following topics: Meaning, Nature and Importance Of Project, Capital Expenditure Decision, Market and Demand Analysis, Technical and Financial Analysis, Analysis of Project Risk, Market Risk and Firm Risk, Social Cost-benefit Analysis, Multiple Projects and Constraints, Network Techniques for Project Management, Project Financing in India, Project Appraisal: Assessing The Tax Burden, Environmental Appraisal of Projects.

Author(s): Guru Jambheshwar University of Science Technology, Hisar - Haryana


Rural Marketing

This note covers the following topics: Rural Marketing Environment, Organisation and Functions Of Agricultural MarketingMarketing Of Consumer Durables and Non-durables, Attitudes and Beliefs Of Rural Markets Structure, Marketing Of Agricultural Inputs, Agricultural Marketing, Classification Of Products and Economic Development, Role Of Warehousing, Processing Of Select Agricultural Products, Role Of Agricultural Price Commission In India, Role Of Co-operative Marketing In India.

Author(s): Guru Jambheshwar University of Science and Technology, Hisar


Sales Management: An Overview

This book discusses sales, sales management and related concepts. Also explains the structure and objectives of a sales organisation. Major topics covered include Benefits of selling activities, Elements of sales management, Objectives of sales management, SMBO approach, Organization of selling unit.

Author(s): Dr. Surinder Singh Kundu

Services Marketing

This note covers the following topics: Service Economy, Evolution and growth of service sector, Service Marketing Opportunities, Classification of services, Expanded marketing mix, Service marketing, Service Design And Development, GAP model of service quality, Service Delivery And Promotion, Service Strategies.

Author(s): Mr. Suresh Kumar.M

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