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Accounting for Managers

This book explains the following topics: Double Entry System Of Accounting, Final Accounts, Cost Accounting, Marginal Costing, Management Accounting, Financial Analysis, Tools Of Financial Analysis, Funds Flow and Cash Flow Statements.

Author(s): Vardhaman Mahaveer Open University

Accounting Principles Managerial Accounting

This text gives an understanding of how to use accounting information to analyze business performance and make business decisions. The text takes a business perspective.

Author(s): Hermanson, Edwards, and Maher

Accounting Tools For Business Decision Making

This note is designed to introduce students to a clear, a basic understanding of the essentials of accounting. The focus is to provide an understanding of the accounting tools and techniques.

Author(s): Paul D. Kimmel, Jerry J. Weygandt, Donald E. Kieso

Advertising Management

This book explains the following topics: Concepts of Advertising, Integrated Advertising Program, Understanding Message Strategy, Media, Campaign Making and Advertising.

Author(s): Eiilm University

An Introduction to Computational Finance

This note covers the following topics: The First Option Trade, The Black-Scholes Equation, The Risk Neutral World, Monte Carlo Methods, The Binomial Model, Derivative Contracts on non-traded Assets and Real Options, Discrete Hedging, Derivative Contracts on non-traded Assets and Real Options, Discrete Hedging, Jump Diffusion, Regime Switching, Mean Variance Portfolio Optimization.

Author(s): Peter Forsyth


Basic Principles Of Advertising And Public Relation

The main objective of this note is to teach the basic concepts of advertising and its definition. Topics covered include: Basic Model and process of advertising, Motivational and Persuasional Communication of Advertising, Advertising Public Relation and Publicity, Extension Education, Social Advertising, Advertisement Agencies: Structure and Function, Empanelling and Budgeting, Public Relations: Definition, Role and Function, Growth and Development, Difference between Public Relation and Corporate Public Relation, Public Relation in Public and Private Sector, Crisis Communication and Lobbying, Public Issue Communication.

Author(s): Guru Jambheshwar University of Science and Technology, Hisar

Business Communication

This note explains the following topics: Meaning of communication, Dimensions of Communication, Channels of communication, Functions of communication, Barriers in Business Communication, Listening Skills, Reading and Writing Skills, Corporate Communication, Advantages of visual signals, Technical Writing, Report Writing, Business Proposals, Note Making, Dynamics of Non-verbal communication, Presentation Skills, Business letter.

Author(s): Utkal University

Business Ethics

This note covers the following topics: Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility, Indian Spiritual Traditions, Ethics in Action, Financial Ethics, Marketing Ethics, Ethics in Human Resource Management Indian Management Thought, Indian Management Models.

Author(s): Vardhaman Mahaveer Open University, Kota

Business Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility and Governance

This note covers the following topics: Characteristics of business ethics, Ethical theories, Causes of unethical behavior, Work ethics, Ethics Theory And Beyond, Management of Ethics, Ethics for managers, Code of ethics, Legal Aspects Of Ethics, Economic Environment, Corporate Social Responsibility And Governance.

Author(s): Mr. K.Thulasivelu


Career Development Basic Concepts and Applications

This document introduces the basic concepts of career development and their application to advising activities at further education and training. Topics covered includes: Career Success, Career Development, Career Decision Making, Career Maturity and Employability.

Author(s): South African Qualifications Authority

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